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Welcome to Denkovi Online Electronics Shop

We offer relay boards controlled via Computer USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi. You can find here IP I/O controllers, communication converters and home automation kits as well.



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Our Featured Products

USB 16 Channel Relay Module - RS232 Controlled

The relay module is with 16 relays (the type is selectable during purchase). The relays are controlled via PC USB port and it is shown as virtual serial port (virtual com port). It is possible to control directly 220V / 120V devices with your PC usb port up to 15A max. There is flexible software for this usb relay board allowing to be designed simple automation project or control from command line. Numerous software examples can be provided (VB6, BCB6, Java, .NET)

Price: €46.16
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One wire relay card - 8 SPDT channels for Home Automation

This is eight channel SPDT relay board with 1-Wire interface. It can be used in Home/Industrial Automation applications.

Price: €31.41
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USB Four(4) Relay Output Module,Board for Home Automation

This is Four Channel relay board controlled by computer USB port. The usb relay board is with 4 relays RAS-05-15 (JQC-3FC/T73 DC5V). You may control devices 220V / 120V (up to 4) directly with one such relay unit. It is fully powered by the USB port. Suitable for home automation applications, hobby projects, industrial automation. The free software allows to control relays manually, create timers (weekly and calendar) and multivibrators, use date and time for alarms or control from command line.

Price: €14.67
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SNMP 8 Relay Module for Temperature Measurement LM35DZ

This is SNMP and Web based relay module optimized for temperature measurement (0-100C) with LM35DZ over the network. It has 8 Relays (type is selectable by user), 8 bit TTL I/O Port and 8 x 10 bit analog inputs which may be used either for LM35DZ either for 0-10V DC industrial standart measurement. The device is suitable for home automation, industrials, temperature measurement via Internet/Ethernet or remote management and control of electrical devices. We provide SDK for Windows and Linux.

Price: €55.59
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Internet/Ethernet 16 Relay Board - IP, SNMP, Web, Home Automation

This is kit of IP controler and card with 16 SPDT relays. It is for home automation, hobby and commercial projects. It allows you controlling electrical devices via LAN/WAN (Internet). Just connect the device into your local network and control it from another computer or android smartphone over the LAN or Internet. This IP relay board can be controlled from: Configuration utility - DAEnetIP2 Manager, web browser, HTTP API commands, command line, android smartphone application or Denkovi Relay Manager Software.

Price: €70.12
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Ethernet 12 relay module - Web, TCP/IP, Telnet, HTTP API, E-mails

This is standalone Internet/Ethernet relay module (board) for remote management and control with Virtual Serial Port, TCP/IP, Web, HTTP API, Telnet and serial commands access. It has 12 SPDT Relays, 8 digital inputs (0-12V), 8 analog inputs (0-10V) and one UART port. Inputs can be adjusted to control relays (standalone work). Also inputs of one controller can control outputs of another over the LAN/WAN (box-to-box mode). It can send E-mails on inputs change as well. Suitable for remote control, home automation, data acquisition, sensor processing, alarm systems, PLC applications.

Price: €125.06
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